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How to play Galaxy Run!

Def Con 3 Tutorial

Tony Ross - Post production effects and post production sound.  Tony is a longtime teacher and tutor for various software applications.  Sometimes known as Tonyteach.com his tutorial videos can be found on Lynda.com and Youtube.

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Star Force Heroes is four games in one app: Galaxy Run, DefCon3, Base Defense (offered soon- your app will be updated for free!) , and Battle Mode.  The app has built in artificial intelligence that paces the game according to your child's progress.  It also tracks results, time, correct answers, and number usage in a detailed Analytics section.  This allows parents to see where struggling learners may be having difficulty with certain facts.  The App supports up to 6 users!

Game play is different with each game but the goal is to LEVEL UP the four Star Force Heroes for Battle Mode.  Take each hero into the math sections and gain experience for each making them stronger in the battle against General Null and his army of robots!

Log in and User interface tutorial

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You're not just doing MATH......  You're saving the GALAXY!

Galaxy Run Tutorial

​DeMarcus Hill - for all of his wonderful voices. When he’s not watching the latest superhero or SyFy movie, anime or rearranging his massive Transformers collection or toiling by day as a mild mannered phlebotomist. Demarcus can be found pursuing his passions of comedy, voice over acting, music, and graphic artistry. He resides from Atlanta, GA. Oh, and he really loves cookies and cream ice cream.

This is not glorified arithmetic flash cards with sound!  A GAME first approach to math practice - not repetitive and boring. Designed by

gamers for educators to bring amusement first and math practice as a successful bi-product of the user's egagement. We are gamers and artists that are passionate about helping your child learn math.  Star Force Heroes will give them variety and fun breaks that will keep them engaged. The longer we can keep them in game, the more automatic they will become.

In addition to your child wanting to learn math:

Battle Mode Tutorial

​Available on Android!


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How to play DefCon 3!


How to play Battle Mode!

This math game is near completion.  It will be updated into the Star Force Heroes trilogy game for FREE very soon! The tutorial will be added when available.

Thank you to our Board of Directors: accomplished educators, gamers, and business professionals!

How to Login, create a user, and Analytics

​STOP General Null!

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Doing math has never been so fun!  Seriously!

As a 4th grade math teacher, I love seeing my students crowd around the iPad to play Star Wars Force  Heroes. I love that they are working on math fluency and number sense without even realizing they are doing "work".  I love that it truly differentiates according to a student's individual ability- all my levels of students (those serviced for multiple periods of resource on up to gifted and talented) can play.  A fun way to extend math beyond the classroom walls!

   - Michelle C.-  Public School Teacher