If you are still experiencing problems despite following these tips, test another application to see if sound works on that app!
If you are not able to resolve the issue, please contact us and let us know what device model you are using.
There’s a solution to every problem!

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No sound? Here are a few things to check on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch to fix this problem. It’s very likely that the trouble is caused by an iDevice setting and not the application itself.

Go to “Device settings”
Deselect "Mute"
Settings / General / Use Slide Swith to / Deselect "Mute"

​Has Star Force Heroes had an efficacy study?  An efficacy study is underway, being spearheaded by a specialist in the field.  In order to maintain legitimate, long term data, the study will be finished late this fall.  We have completed multiple levels of engagement testing with a wide range of young learners. We are excited to say that overwhelmingly, the children love the app!

​Why are your tutorials on YouTube (outside of the App)?  Placing the tutorials within the app and on your device would make the file size too large.  Poly doesn't want to eat up all your space on your device!  We also want to make the tutorials as detailed as possible.  We realize the app is extensive to learn, after all it is 4 games in one ultimately!  When combined with the layers of analytics, Star Force Heroes is not your standard math app! 

On the Side of the Device
On the iPhone and iPad, there are two side buttons.
- Ensure that the volume level is at least three quarters the maximum volume.
- The button that controls the sound and rotation of the device must be enabled; the red dot should not be visible.

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​Why does your app cost money?  There are no ads and no in app purchases!  Star Force Heroes Math game is also a really big app with lots of features and functions to accommodate the wide spectrum of learners we hope to help. We would love to give the app away for free to every struggling learner especially! Poly is a small team committed to giving it's users the most effective and fun experience with support if you need it!

​How is Star Force Heroes different?  We created Star Force Heroes because of a need in our own family! We were forced to homeschool our children due to extreme learning "differences":  severe dyslexia, ADHD, and dysgraphia among others. We discovered effective methods of retention for them: variety, engagement with emotional rewards, activity, and repetition without redundancy.

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