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Justin Donaldson is a talented illustrator, programmer, and 3D artist. He works full time as creative director and lead programmer at Poly Want A Pixel Studios. Justin studied Acoustics and Audio Production in Sydney, Australia. He is a classically trained oil painter, specializing in portraits and backgrounds. Justin programs in C# and experienced with the  Unity3D game engine. He is also very proficient in digital matte painting in Adobe Photoshop. In his free time, Justin enjoys playing and teaching piano, painting, drawing, and is a committed husband and father. 

Dave Conley

​Chris Cartledge, Justin Donaldson, and David Hyde-Volpe have joined together to end the forces of tyranny!  Well, maybe not.  But we do all have unique talents that we have put together in order to create some pretty cool stuff.  Poly Want A Pixel is a full service studio with 2D and 3D artists, animators, and programmers on staff.  We enjoy the creative process and the challenge each project brings!

Dr. David Conley is a talented musician, writer and educator. He works in the Performing Arts department at Clemson University, where he directs two elite pop acapella ensembles and teaches other music classes. He also works at Erskine College, where he conducts their chamber orchestra and teaches courses in music, worship, and creativity.

He recently completed a Doctoral degree from Covenant Seminary in St. Louis with a focus on liturgical aesthetics; he also holds a Master’s degree from Erskine and an undergraduate degree from Clemson. He is a frequent speaker at worship and music conferences and is a freelance composer and arranger, with hundreds of songs produced for churches, school/college ensembles and community orchestras.

David Hyde-Volpe

Lead Programmer

Chris Cartledge

David is the full time lead programmer Poly.  His background is in physical chemistry where he programmed both quantum and statistical mechanical simulations. David acts as a part time tutor for math and various sciences. He is a longtime gamer who is excited to use his programming knowledge to create fun and exciting content.  He utilizes Unity 3D game engine and is proficient with C,C#, C++, Python, and Fortran.  David's interests include theology, chemistry, hiking and traveling.

Chris doehling

Christopher Doehling is a talented freelance illustrator, animator, and designer.
Christopher holds a Master’s degree from Clemson University in Digital Production Arts (Computer Graphics) and an undergraduate degree from Winthrop University in Graphic Design. He has also taught art and design as adjunct faculty at Winthrop, and has production credits in the Walt Disney Animation Studios
feature film Bolt.

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Chris Cartledge is an illustrator, commercial artist and animator.  Prior to founding Poly Want a Pixel, he commercially launched several businesses, including a custom print business and two commercial art studios.  Chris is also the co-owner of, the longest standing custom art and design website online.  As an established digital artist and animator, he is now focusing these talents to build interactive media in his new venture, Poly Want A Pixel.  As a graduate of Clemson University, Chris held an appointment on the Clemson Visual Arts Board, assisting in the appropriation of funds to students and faculty.  Chris is the proud father and home-school teacher of two children with learning differences: severe dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, ADHD.


Dave Conley, Composer

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Justin Donaldson